25 Years of Excellence


25 Years of Excellence

There is no other name in aquatic fitness that is as recognized as Endless Pools®

Endless Pools®  Fitness Systems combines beautifully functional design with advanced swim-in-place technology to create an at-home wellness system that doesn’t compromise style for functionality.

The ideal environment for total-body fitness: our signature swim current, sleek design, and more.

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We have an Endless Pool Swim Spa set up and ready to go!

Have you ever wanted to experience a resistance swimming workout? Your time is NOW!

Bring your swimsuit, towel, and goggles. Simply give us a call or CLICK HERE to schedule a TEST SWIM.

Swimmers & Coaches

Pool Patio & Spas offers scheduled time for Stroke Clinics and special Swim Team Sessions. Set the Swim Machine to a slower pace to allow the swimmer to slow down, concentrate on their stroke, and receive individualized instruction. An elevated deck offers a great view for the coach!