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Ace Salt Water Sanitizing SystemAce Saltwater Sanitizing System

Enjoy peace of mind knowing the optional ACE Salt Water System is creating the sanitizers you need to keep spa water sparkling — even if you haven't given water care a thought. Only Hot Spring offers this automated, low-maintenance saltwater system that enhances the quality of your spa water.

The ACE system uses a patented diamond electrode that creates active oxygen. Because cleaners are automatically generated from salt and water, spas with the ACE system lack the odor of chlorine and require fewer harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and eyes.

Save Time On Maintenance

The ACE system automatically generates cleansers in your spa water. This more hands-free approach saves time, so caring for your Hot Spring® spa is easier than ever.

Use Less Water

Because fewer products are added, the ACE system allows spa water to last much longer than traditional water care. This means that you'll drain and refill your spa less often, conserving water and saving you time.

Caring for Your ACE System

With the ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing System, spa water maintenance is simple. By automatically generating cleaners in the water with a patented diamond electrode improving water quality, you can spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your spa.